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With an emphasis on cutting-edge technology and innovation, the fair attracts professionals with high purchasing power from all over the country, seeking, among other objectives, technological advances for different industry niches. MEC SHOW receives purchasing managers from the main local industries (ArcelorMittal, Jurong Aracruz Shipyard, Suzano, Petrobras and Vale), as well as players from national and international companies from the entire production chain of the metalworking sector.

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Visit the largest and most complete industrial event of Espírito Santo and get the latest industry news!

  • Get access to over 250 national and international brands;
  • Find releases and new technologies para o seu negócio;
  • Three days of business, networking and lots of content;
  • Consolidate and grow your contact network;
  • Solutions and technologies to optimize production and increase the competitiveness of your industry.;
  • Keep up with industry and market development to guide your decisions and investments;
  • Attend simultaneous lectures and events with industry information and professional training;

The Capixaba Sector


Largest pelletizing complex


Largest national producer of Steel plates.


Reference in pulp production


2nd largest oil reserve in Brazil


2nd largest national gas produce


The most modern shipyard in Brazil

Mecshow 2020
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