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With estimated investments of over R $ 50 billion for the oil and gas, mining, steel, pulp, energy and infrastructure sectors, MEC SHOW will strengthen the recovery of the sector, creating business and B2B opportunities with the main anchors of the sector. (ArcelorMittal, Jurong Aracruz Shipyard, Fibria, Petrobras, Vale), as well as businessmen from the entire production chain of the national and international metalworking sector.

The Capixaba Sector


Largest pelletizing complex


Largest national producer of Steel plates.


Reference in pulp production


2nd largest oil reserve in Brazil


2nd largest national gas produce


The most modern shipyard in Brazil

1500 Companies

30.000 Direct Jobs

120.000 Indirect Jobs

  • 97% of EXHIBITORS are pleased with their participation in the fair.
  • 95% expressed an interest in attending the next edition.
  • QUALIFIED VISITORS : More than 13,000 professionals with high decision power visited the event. Formed mostly by managers, executives, buyers and technicians of the major industries of Espírito Santo (ArcelorMittal, Jurong Aracruz Shipyard, Fibria, Petrobras and Vale), as well as entrepreneurs from the entire production chain of the metalworking sector.

Expose your brand to a qualified audience

Who Visits ?

• Companies dedicated to hiring industrial products and services;
• Buyers of inputs, machinery, equipment and tools;
• Buyers from the metalworking, marine, oil and gas, pulp and paper, steel, metallurgical, mining, machining, chemical / petrochemical, port, construction, furniture;
• Engineers, Technicians, CEO’s, Directors and managers of the main industries of the segment;
• Consumer goods, food and beverage, plastics / packaging, consumer electronics, textiles, among others
• Government entities and agencies for development, education, sustainable development and support.

Visitors per day

Visitors per region

Why exhibit at MEC SHOW?

• Face-to-face contact with industry decision makers and key members of the metal-mechanical, oil and gas, marine, mining, steel, pulp, port, and other production chain;
• 76% of visitors participate in the process of buying products in the companies in which they operate.;
• Significantly reduce new business closing time;
• Visitors want to know about market launches and trends, see new products or learn about innovations.;
• Qualified public seeking interaction and negotiation with new partners and suppliers;


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