Alert to exhibitor

We also warn you that no outside agent is authorized to propose, receive and perform any advertising, free or costly, on behalf of MECSHOW . All promotional activities are carried out directly by Milanez & amp; Milaneze S / A.

EXPO GUIDE, FAIR GUIDE, EVENT FAIR, INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY, or any other companies have never been authorized by Milanez & amp; Milaneze to use the name and / or logo of the event, the data concerning the exhibiting companies, as well as were never responsible for any advertising on behalf of Milanez & amp; Milaneze.


With the rise in cyber crime it is very important to pay attention to some basic care before making any payments. We inform you how to correctly identify the tickets sent by Milanez & amp; Milaneze.

1. The billable billet line (barcode) always starts at 00191.19650.7
2. The issuing bank of the bill is Banco do Brasil
3. Our agency is 1400-1 (Jardim da Penha) and has 4329-X
4. Area rental agreement slips and organization service are registered and can be accessed via DDA

5. The Milanez Billets & amp; Milaneze are always sent from the domain

Mecshow 2020
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